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    Graphs for Static Force Systems

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    1) An object of weight 20kn is supported from above by two cables, inclined at 40 degrees and 70 degrees to the horizontal. Find graphically the tensions in the cables.

    2) Find graphically the forces f1 and f2 in the crane. The triangle is standing up with a 90 degree angle next to the wall on top, with f1 pointing towards it. The 60 degree angle is opposite to the 90 angle, with 2kn weight hanging from it. The 30 degree angle is at the bottom of the triangle, with f2 pointing towards the 60 degree angle.

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    The attachment provides the solutions for both graphs.

    1) Graphically, we should draw the figure on scale to measure the length ...

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    This solution contains graphs for the tensions in the cables, and the forces in the crane, including all parameters of degree angles to the horizontal of the object that is supported by the two cables. Using the properties of angles trigonometry, these graphs are thus determined. All calculation are shown step-by-step with brief explanations.