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Voltage/Time in Microseconds

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Consider the following circuit in the diagram attached. The voltage step is an "ideal" pulse going from 0 V to 4 V and then back to 0 V; The pulse width is 5 microseconds wide. What is the voltage across the resistor, Vr (t), 7 microseconds after the rising edge of the input pulse?

There are 4 options:
a) between 0.1 and 1 V
b) between 0 and -1 V
c) between 1.1 and 2 V
d) between -1.1 and -2 V

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This solution answers which level of voltage occurs across the resistor 7 microseconds after the rising edge of the input pulse. By using the Laplace transform method, and the potential divider principle, the exact voltage is obtained.

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Use the Laplace transform method.
Input Voltage Vi(t) = 4[U(t)-U(t-5)]
So, Vi(s) = 4[ (1/s) - (1/s)e^(-5s) ]
= (4/s) [ 1- e^(-5s) ]

Now, from the potential ...

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