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    Truth table for circuit diagram

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    1. a) Draw the truth table for the circuit shown below.
    b) Show an extrusion of this circuit that realizes a DFF.

    (see attached file for diagram)

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    First we need to recall the truth table f the SRFF:

    S R Qn+1
    0 0 Qn
    0 1 0
    1 0 1
    1 1 N/A

    Note that Qn+1 follows the input S except when S=R. When S=R=0 the ouput is unchanged, while if S=R=1 the input settles in an undetermined state.

    Now we write the functions for S and R:

    It is obvious that when Φ=0, both S and R are kept at zero, hence there is ...

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