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    Spring-Mass-Dashpot System Simulation

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    The attached graphs show simulated compression vs time for a spring-mass-dashpot system described by P(s) = 1/[s^2 + (B/m)s + k/m]. Parameters B, m, and k were each varied in turn with the other two held constant. Identify which parameter was varied in each graph, and whether it was increased or decreased from curve (a) to (d) in each case. (Hint: one graph has constant DC gain, and another has constant settling time).

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    % m is varied and B and k are fixed.
    hold on;
    B = 1;
    k = 3;
    m = [20:20:80];

    for i=1:4,
    num = [1];
    den = [1 B/m(i) k/m(i)];
    sys = tf(num,den);

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    The solution includes the calculations and MATLAB code. A spring-mass-dashpot system simulations are given. The expert analyzes the constant DC gains.