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    Routh Array: Determine Which Planes the Roots of the Function Lie

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    Apply Routh criterion to determine the number of the roots lie in the right half plane for:

    a. sA^3+5sA^2+6s = 0

    b. sA^3+2sA^2+4s+8 = 0

    c. s4+5sA^3+5sA^2-5s-6 = 0

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    The number of roots lie in the right-hand plane equals to the number of sign changes in the first column of the Routh array. Please find the details in the attached file.

    Given polynomial a_0*s^n + a_1*s^n-1 + ... + a_n-1*s + a_n = 0
    Write the coefficients in the following Routh ...

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    The expert determines which planes the roots of the function lies.