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Unity Feedback Loop, Nyquist Contour and Routh-Hurwitz Analysis

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A process has a transfer function: {see attached} and is included in a unity feedback loop with a proportional controller Kp in a feedforward branch of the control loop.
(a) Sketch a Nyquist contour for this system
(b) Apply the Nyquist stability criterion to find a suitable range of K for stable closed loop system behaviour.
(c) Verify the above stability result using a Routh-Hurwitz analysis.
(d) From the Nyquist contour, estimate the phase margin, and briefly describe how it relates to the stability of the system.

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Solution Summary

This solution is provided in 166 words in an attached .doc file. It uses step-by-step calculations of magnitude and phase angle to create a Nyquist diagram. It also discusses the phase margin, array of coefficients, and magnitude.

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