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Magnitude of ac input

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Magnitude of ac input. See attached file for full problem description.

FIGURE 4(a) shows the circuit of a resistive load fed from a rectifier, via a filter. The filter is designed to remove unwanted a.c. that might be present in the output of the rectifier.
To test the performance of the filter, a 50 Hz alternating supply was connected directly to its input, as shown in FIGURE 4(b). The resulting a.c. voltage appearing across the load was then measured.
(a) Sketch a phasor diagram for a circuit of FIGURE 4(b) (Hint: begin at the output and work back towards the input.)
(b) Estimate the magnitude of the a.c. input voltage required to give a voltage of 1 V across RL.

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The solution estimates the ac input and the voltage and output.

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