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Average current and average voltage

A full-wave bridge rectifier circuit with a 1-kohms load operates from a 120-V (rms) 60-Hz household supply through a 10-to-1 step-down transformer having a single secondary winding. It uses four diodes, each of which can be modeled to have a 0.7-V drop for any current. What is the fraction of a cycle that each diode conducts? What is the average voltage across the load? What is the average current through the load?

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Since the 10-to-1 step down transformer is used, the output of the transformer will be: 120/10 = 12 V (rms) at 60 Hz.

The voltage drop across each diode is 0.7 V. In the bridge rectifier, in each cycle, the half cycle current flows through two diodes and flows through another two diodes in the next.
i.e. below 0.7*2 = 1.4 V potential drop, no current will flow.

The output of the transformer can be given as:
V = ...

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The solution below outlines the average current and voltage found in the circuit, after outlining the specific amount of diodes and how they conduct themselves with respect to voltage and current.