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    Rubric Assessment Using the Internet

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    Using the Internet, identify three different websites that have posted a rubric that is suitable in the classroom or worksite. Provide the link to the websites. Identify whether each rubric is task-specific, hypergeneral, or skill-focused and the reasons to support our decision. Discuss how you would interpret scores from the rubrics in determining student achievement or learning.

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    1. Rubric for Classroom Webpages:

    This is a website from the University of Wisconsin:
    (Joan Vandervelde, 2001)

    The evaluation scale is as follows:
    A - Exemplary: 32-36 points
    B - Proficient: 28-31 points
    Partially Proficient or Unsatisfactory: Needs to be resubmitted - fewer than 28 points

    This rubric is to determine if a student (or worker) has successfully completed a ...

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    Rubric assessment and explanation is performed using resources to validate. Three types of rubrics are given as examples, identifying whether each rubric is task-specific, hypergeneral or skill-focused.