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Classroom Management Vignette

Write a 350- to 700-word reflection in which you do the following:

o Describe the scenario.
o Identify classroom rules for working in cooperative groups.
o Discuss Lynette's behavior. Is it disruptive or nondisruptive to her group? Why?
o Describe teacher behaviors that promote student motivation.
o Examine methods for engaging students in the learning process.
o List the teacher's strengths and weaknesses.

Mr. Torres' second-grade students are working in cooperative learning groups. Having worked in cooperative learning groups several times before, most students understand their roles and the class guidelines for working together. Mr. Torres notices that the group, which includes Sandy, Lynette, Ralph, and Jimmy, is having some problems because Lynette is wandering the room. Mr. Torres walks over to Lynette to ask her about her job for her group. She responds, "I don't remember. I'm just doing everything."

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In the scenario that is listed above, the student, Lynette, is wandering around the room, saying that she is doing everything when approached by the teacher. The teacher would then have the opportunity to remind her of the classroom rules and ...

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