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Locate a journal article that reports on a research project. Find an article that you have not used before for any previous assignments. Explain how the authors have analyzed the data they collected, how they have interpreted it, and how they have formatted and presented the analysis and findings. Assess the findings against the analysis, and explain why you agree or disagree with the conclusions. What steps would you want to take, as a researcher, to verify the findings?

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As you locate a journal article that reports on a research project, you might use this link

Similarly, as you discuss how the authors analyzed the data that they collected, you might suggest how they looked at reading amounts in terms of reading for pleasure, attitudes toward reading, socioeconomic status in terms of free and reduced lunch, gender, and also academic achievement to try and prove their hypothesis that lower income kids read less for pleasure than do their higher income, higher achieving counterparts.

You might note how they used a sample that "consisted of 8,206 pupils from 57 primary and 41 secondary schools, who
completed a 23-point self-report questionnaire."

As you react to the method of research, you might suggest that ...

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