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The costs and benefits associated with effective negotiations

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I agree that negotiation take a high level of understanding for all parties involved. This gets me thinking about the importance of each relationship when negotiating. What would you risk to "win" your negotiation? Are all negotiations treated the same or will each have diverse standards? Please support your answer.
"Any resolution, however, based on one side imposing their will is not likely to endure and chances for a viable working relationship may be jeopardized" (Melamed & Reiman, 2010).

Melamed, J. & Reiman, J. (2010). Collaboration and conflict resolution in education. Mediate.com Case Management. Retrieved May 25, 2011 from http://www.mediate.com/articles/edu.cfm

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I would agree that negotiation takes a high level understanding for all parties involved, and that individuals should only take calculated risks in order to win their negotiation. Therefore, in order to win my negotiation I would only risk something that is less important to my overall well-being than what can be gained from winning the ...

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This solution describes risk analysis in negotiations. The costs and benefits of effective negotiations are examined.