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    Keep, Limit or Remove Homework

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    Traditional schools and those from earlier generations may expect homework but is it the right style for education in the modern era?

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    There will never be an ONLY ONE answer to the issue of homework or no homework assigned query. The subject evolves around region, expectation and outcome. Failing school administrators tend to have homework school-wide and those where there is more academic success and parental support are liberal about the requirements because test scores warrant more freedom. A big question that needs to be answered is what is the purpose of homework? If the students are failing or need more practice, then it could be of value, if the student is self-motivated and likes the format. If he/she failed to focus, comprehend or show interest in it at school, the author asks what the likelihood of completion would be at night. Neither parents nor teachers ...

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    Schools must decide what they expect from students and families and parents will decide if what school offers will be right for their children. Assigning homework in the 21st century is discussed.