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    Differentiation Anchor Projects

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    I need a differentiated assignment to keep busy the students who finish projects early, so they stay engaged and working. Any ideas?

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    An idea that has worked well on my classes, which are all Lab and project based, to keep students occupied constructively who finish their work ahead of the bulk of the class is something called an anchor project.

    An anchor project is a fairly large assignment that is given to all students. It is a culminating, or terminal project that incorporates all the learning standards of the course, and is due at the end of the class time. My anchor project has a basic component, worth full credit for all students. Students who do not complete their work early can still finish the project at the end of the course in the amount of class work time I provide for this project, and get a satisfactory score for it.

    However, the project has several additional, extra components that students who choose to work in their extra class time, or outside of class time, can complete for additional credit, which ...

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    An anchor project is suggested for differentiation for students who complete course work early so they stay engaged and working, without penalizing those students who do not have such additional time.