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What is a "Good" Teacher?

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What skills do you think that a teacher needs to be classified as a "good" teacher?

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This solution describes the skills and characteristics that a teacher needs to be classified as a "good" teacher.

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Skills of a Good Teacher

Adapted with permission from University of Illinois, 1980

N. L. Gage (1976), director of research and development in teaching at Stanford University, formulated six characteristics of effective presentations. He found that successful college instructors:

-state objectives at the beginning of a lesson
-outline the lesson content
-signal transitions between parts of a lesson
-point out important points in a lesson
-summarize the parts of the lesson as the lesson proceeds
-review main ideas and facts covered in a lesson at the end of a lesson and at the beginning of the next lesson-give these cues in your writing; give them in class, too.

Research suggests that a course can be significantly improved simply by implementing these. Be aware that not all lessons proceed as planned, and allow some class time for various unexpected happenings. Instructional skill takes time to develop, as does any valuable talent. Work on one, or at the most, two skills each week (Source: Available [On-line]http://www.iub.edu/~teaching/handbook_1.html#plan_06)

From another source:

From my own teaching experience and from discussions and teaching many hundreds of teachers and thousands of teacher education students, there emerge common threads of understanding and skill that good teachers weave into an effective personal style of teaching. Assess your own knowledge and values in terms of your thoughts about the following:

Good teachers:

. are good at explaining ...

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