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Using "Mistaken Goals" to Create Student Sense of Belonging

Gary is a new student to Ms. Adams fifth grade classroom. He appears uninteresed in what is going on. He has already shown aggressive behavior towards other students, and Ms. Adams feels threatened by his "I'm in charge" attitude and refusal to work. Using "mistaken goals" what strategies can you come up with that might assist Gary in developing a sense of belonging to the class?

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Gary's mistaken goal in this case appears to be power. His attitude is one of "you are not the boss over me. I am stronger than you and do what I want." His aggressive and inattentive behavior makes Ms. Adams feel angry and frustrated. It makes her feel as though her authority is being undermined, so she attempts to assert her authority. This only leads to continued misbehavior. It may even get worse. The following strategies may be used by Ms. Adams to attempt to reorient Gary's focus to a more worthwhile and appropriate goal. The key is to stop reinforcing and focusing on Gary's ...

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The expert examines using "Mistaken Goals" to create student sense of belonging.