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Resource Coordination Scenario

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Suppose you are a school counselor at an elementary school. Jennifer is an eight-year-old girl, who is often absent. When her teacher her asks her why, she states that her mother has been very ill and she is helping to take care of her. The teacher asks you to talk to Jennifer, to find out more about her living situation. As the counselor, you discover that Jennifer is actually staying at home to watch her four-year-old brother and two-year-old sister while her mother works. The family cannot afford child care and, as the oldest child, Jennifer is expected to be the caregiver.

Complete the following:
Locate at least two resources in your area that you could contact to help manage Jennifer's case.

Briefly describe the agencies or services and why you chose them.

How might you coordinate their services to help manage Jennifer's case?

What other concerns would you have regarding this case?

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Two resources that I could find for the case are first the county government. In our county, if individuals do not have jobs and meet certain qualifications, they can obtain food and day care services so that they can attempt to look for a job for other special needs.

There are also day care grants that ...

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