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    Play Centers for Purposeful Moments

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    Choose one type of play material or play center (e.g., blocks, housekeeping, art center) and discuss how it could be used in a purposeful situation and how it could be used in a serendipitous situation (a "teachable moment"). How is the set-up different for each situation?

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    Please find below my response to your assignment and hope you find it relevant.

    Sorry I misread your instruction and was able to put three play material/play centers. :)
    Anyway, you can choose from any of them and I believe that the additional info will be very useful to you as a teacher.

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    Play Materials/Play Center:

    1. Golden Beads - http://www.alisonsmontessori.com/v/vspfiles/photos/M92-2.jpg

    About the material:
    Beautiful, hand made glass beads represent units, tens, hundreds and thousands. The child can construct 4 digit numbers using these materials in the Bank Game. They build quantities and match the symbols (numerals) to them. We do not expect children of this age to be proficient in 4 digit numbers and that is not the goal of these exercises. It is to form a foundation for future learning. Anything experienced concretely at this age will stay with your child. When they are in third or fourth grade and these concepts are presented in an abstract way, this early contact will be recollected and lead to mastery.

    Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division are also introduced in a concrete manner. The child can experience the action of these processes e.g. addition is putting things together, subtraction, taking things away. In like manner, fractions are handled and understood. Long and short bead chains are counted introducing skip counting, preparation for multiplication. These chains are based on the square and cube of numbers, indirectly preparing them for future learning.
    Subject: Mathematics- Addition, Subtraction, Division, Counting
    Level - 6 years - 9 years (complexity of the activity depends on the level
    of the children)
    Activity: Bank Game - Children pretend to be tellers, bank personnel and bank clients. They
    use the glass beads in depositing, counting and adding their money.
    They can also use subtraction by setting aside a set of beads to
    represent total deposit of a certain client and when he/she withdraws, the
    teller gets the corresponding amount from his/her fund or deposit in the
    bank. Bank clients can ask bank personnel to change their bills to coins
    using the glass beads.
    Purposeful Moments:
    When the children do the activities we are intentionally allowing them to learn the basics of Mathematics such as counting the beads deposited, adding the beads to know the total deposit of the day and subtracting withdrawals from the bank client's total fund ...

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