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Media and Methods

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Which should come first: the media or the method? Explain.
If two media formats were shown to be equally effective for presenting your content, what factors might cause you to choose one over the other?
How can different media help meet the needs of various types of learners, including those with special needs?
What is the relationship between principles of media utilization and student learning?
How does media aid in the design of instruction?

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This posting briefly explores which should come first: the media or the method. It uses personal notes of 550 words to explain in user friendly terms.

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Welcome warmly to BM! Kindly rate 5/5 for my 550 words of reactions.

First, as you explore which should come first: the media or the method, I believe the method should come first and then the media is the vehicle to accentuate, extend, and bring it all together for students in the learning experience. I deem the method as the cake, and the media as the icing, if you need a metaphor!

In my teaching experience, it is essential to choose the media that best suits and aligns with one's instructional and learning objectives. It is critical to determine what you want to achieve in terms of the goals and big picture and then integrate the media or technological tools to facilitate the results. I do not think that a teacher should select media first.

Next, if two media formats were shown to be equally effective for presenting your content, some factors that might cause you to choose one over the other include lesson/course or grade level appropriateness, which one aligns best with the students' learning styles, ...

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