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What is information warfare?

What is information warfare? How can computer security professionals safeguard their networks from this former military threat? As an employee of an organization that stores a great deal of personal information, such as financial information, what threats are most critical? Why? How may you protect the organization from that threat?

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Information warfare (IW) involves the conflict whose purpose is to gather, analyze and distribute data regarding the 'enemy' by electronic means. It is often used as a reference to 'cyberwar,' where electronic messages and viruses are used against the target in question and their computers are disabled. They may also attempt to implant false information through electromagnetic transmissions. These infiltrators can use sophisticated techniques such as 'Trojan horses' and 'Logic Bombs' to lay in wait and sabotage the system at an appropriate time. these often cannot be detected. These strategies and techniques have been used within the ...

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This solution discusses information warfare and critical issues and threats in 400 words.