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Encrouaging Innovation and Adhering to Policies and Standards

How might an educator maintain balance between encouraging innovation and adhering to policies and standards?

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Your question was phrased rather broadly, and I wasn't sure what level of educator you were talking about. So I'll answer your question rather broadly, as an educator. I've been teaching for ten years and am National Board Certified; I've taught students in grades K-8. Currently, I'm a K-5 ELL/ESL teacher. Hopefully my perspective on this question will help you to understand how this balance can be accomplished.

Educators have multiple policies and standards that they are responsible for adhering to, and these standards are often assessed using high-stakes tests with major repercussions for schools. Thus, some teachers have quashed innovation in favor of test preparation and knowledge-level instruction. This is a big mistake. According to Bloom's Taxonomy (see link below), there are multiple levels of ...

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