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    Due process in education

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    I need help to write 750 words about the due process in education, how due process is provided to students in context of discipline, search, seizure, and special population. Explain why it is important. Original work only please.

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    As a seasoned Administrator with the Broward County School District of Fort Lauderdale Florida, I have had the opportunity to practice and execute due process on a daily basis. Due process is just the step-by-step processes and procedures that are taken to insure that any and every individual who has an issue or concern has had the opportunity to be made aware of their rights (and clearly understand them) and has been given the opportunity to articulate their opinions, perspectives and/or point of view(s) in writing and/or verbally prior to proceeding with a finalized decision and/or resolution in the said matter of concern. Once the due process has been executed appropriately, the administrative body takes all of the evidence, related policies and or laws and through a strong analysis and synthesis of the following, comes up with a resolution that is in concert with the current policy(s), rules and/or regulations. This process, however, may be abbreviated or be conducted out of sequence, based on context and other related extenuating circumstances. Discipline, search, seizure and special education are all different in scope, but they all share their own unique benefits of due process.

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    The following process discusses how due process is provided to students in the context of discipline, search, seizure, and special population.