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Communication and the various forms of technology are discussed.

Communication is a major topic in our society today. The various forms of communication have increasingly grown. People communicate world-wide via new forms. New forms of technology and communication also bring new issues. Email, instant messaging, and text messaging are three of the newest forms of communication commonly used by students across the world.

This job achieves these goals:

Discuss your reaction and thoughts to the following statements

Human communications are such a fragile thing: one word can make a difference between getting your message across or destroying a relationship.

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I believe what your teacher is asking you to do is to think about the ways in which technology has become so prevalent in our communication these days. We text each other, email, Facebook, etc. We "friend" people we don't really know or talk more to one another via the Web than in person. This does make communication and relationships somewhat different than in the past. I would suppose when the telephone was invented, they had some similar discussions about communication changes!

Anyway, I think what you are supposed to do is read each statement, consider the technology and communication in your life, and then write down some ...