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Collaborative Team Approach to School Counseling

Suppose you are a school counselor, and you have been asked to coordinate a comprehensive, collaborative team approach to your school's counseling program. The approach will address an issue in the personal-social domain for students at any developmental level of your choice. Describe what issue and developmental level you are addressing, which stakeholders you would include on this team, and why each member would be an important contributor.

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A personal/social issue in this instance could include a myriad of scenarios.
Listed below you will find several examples to choose from:

Teenage pregnancy among 8th -12th grade girls
Bullying issues school wide
Gang issues in high school
Racial conflict with white students and Latino students (or other races) in HS
Low SES of students affecting academic success
Drug usage in JH and HS
Students and weapons issues in HS

I will use the Teenage pregnancy issue to build an example to show you what components to ...

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This solution provides a short list of example issues where scenarios arise that could be addressed by a collaborative team approach by the school's counseling program. Using the issue of teenage pregnancy, this solution details which stakeholders are important to include and what programs/options to pursue. This solution is 350 words.