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    1. Reflecting on the uses for action research and the growing concern over bullying in schools, you determined the need to collect data on aggressive behaviour of kindergarteners in morning recess. Discuss how you will collect this data using parent volunteers. Consider the issues regarding the use of parent volunteers, training needed, and the validity of the resulting data.

    2. Data collection consists of more than just tally sheets and standardized test scores. Reflect on the processes, discovered, the benefits, and limitations of these various processes and the appropriateness of specific methods for a Action Research Project.

    3. Discuss issues surrounding the data collection process such as reliability and validity.

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    1. For this, an effective method of data collecting is a questionnaire given to the parent volunteers consisting of a list of questions focusing on the following:
    How widespread is the bullying problem on the playground?
    What training is needed for parent volunteers to handle the situation?
    What resources are needed to further the education of parents and students on bullying?
    What role should the school play in this?
    How can they make the playground a safe place for all students?
    Should parents be involved?
    What are some effective strategies to use?
    What are some strategies that have failed in the past?
    What is the parent volunteer's personal beliefs on ...

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    The benefits, limitations and processes of data collections are provided.