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Assessment Examples

Post an example of an assessment used in your workplace. In your posting:

Cite how/when the assessment is used.

a. Is it norm or criterion-referenced?

b. Is it considered an aptitude or achievement test?

c. Is it a standardized test?

d. Do you feel that the assessment is biased towards certain groups of people

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Job Knowledge Test: This is a test which consists of multiple choice or essay type of questions designed to assess the professional or technical knowledge or expertise in specific knowledge areas of which results will be needed to know what the examined knows and can do. The examinee is assessed during the time of the test and this is not a test of the examinee's learning potential. It is a good tool to be used by employers to know what the examinee already knows and it does not tell whether the examinee can master new material in a timely manner. When there is a critical knowledge that has to be imparted to the examinee after selection, this test will not be appropriate. Job knowledge tests are used when the examinee/applicant already has knowledge or idea of the learned information before being hired and useful for jobs which requires specialized or technical knowledge. A few of the examples are ...

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The solution discusses an example of an assessment that is used in the workplaces. References are included.