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    Action research and collaboration

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    Action research requires collaboration in a group project. Share some of your positive and negative experiences of past team projects. What suggestions do you have to make a group projects go more smoothly?

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    Here are some of the positive and negative experiences I've had in past team projects, both in classes and in professional school settings. You will want to tailor this to make it more personal.

    One of the most positive team project experiences I can think of was when I was in high school, and we were working on a service project. As a team, the National Honor Society decided to set a goal of collecting about 300 shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child - one box per student. This was an ambitious goal for a small school, and a small group of service project leaders. What made the experience so great was that everyone either volunteered to fill a position (leading chapel, making posters, handing out fliers, etc) or did the part of the project assigned to ...

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    This provides examples of positive and negative experience on team projects, and suggestions to make group projects go smoothly.