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Ernst Von Glasersfeld's constructivism

As you begin to analyze this multifaceted buzzword, reflect on the following infamous definitions of constructivism - professed by the highly regarded Ernst Von Glasersfeld:

1. Knowledge is not passively received either through the senses or by way of communication, but is actively built up by the cognising subject.

2. The function of cognition is adaptive and serves the subject's organization of the experiential world, not the discovery of an objective ontological reality.

In laymen's terms, what does Dr. Von Glasersfeld mean?
What are the implications that this interpretation of constructivism has for teaching and learning?

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As you begin to analyze this multifaceted buzzword, I agree with 1. In laymen's terms, I feel like Dr. Von Glasersfeld means that students are not sponges who ...

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Two questions about Ernst Von Glasersfeld's notion of constructivism are briefly dissected and exemplified.