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    Discusses controvercial desire for longer school hours

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    One new trend/issue in the United States today is the idea to increase the amount of time students are in school. Many public, private and charter schools are beginning to lengthen their day from anywhere between fifteen minutes to one hour and extend the school year from 180 days to 210.

    Prepare a 750-1050 word paper based on the following:

    1. Overview of the issue
    2. Description of the stakeholders
    3. 2-3 arguments supporting the issue/trend
    4. 2-3 arguments opposing the issue/trend

    Again I do not need 750 words. I would like your thoughts on overview of this issue, Description of the stakeholders, 1 argument supporting the issue/trend. 1 argument opposing the issue/trend, and a reference where you got your source from. I do have to have this in APA format. I can do that. If you could format your reference in APA format that would help me if I use it. Thank you. Also, I will be running this threw essay review, How much credit will you charge me to run it thew Essay review?

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    Extending school
    Many educators believe the current school hours and school schedule is inadequate. With the desire to increase the school hours or the length of the school year, many educators are met with both support and resistance. Gaining parental, district, and community support is crucial in implementing a successful change.
    A typical United States student will spend six hours a day and a total of 180 days out of 365 days attending school. Other countries such as the United Kingdom have children in school for eight-hour sessions and 220 days out of the year. The question arises, is extending the school day and the school year a good idea for the United States educational system?
    Understanding the stakeholders involved include students, parents, caregivers, educators, educational leaders, and the community as a whole. With an average of 22 hours of academic instruction per week, are the students involved enough to retain information being presented?
    Supporting the issue
    Studies have found a direct ...

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    This discusses the longer school hours issue and the pros and cons of the idea.