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    Need to describe the purpose and learning outcome of gaining some knowledge or skill. Also I need to identify a task where the learners will be able to demonstrate the skill they have gained.

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    An assessment is a process that collects information that focuses on student learning and developmental outcomes which are conducted to assist teachers and faculty to improve educational programs and promote learning (Center for assessment and research, n.d.). This assessment describes how the pre-school students will be assessed on the number comprehension skills by counting the number of items in the square and writing that number on the line provided inside that square. This is a reliable and valid assessment because the child needs to be able to count to ten, be able to count the items, and know what the numbers look like in order to correctly complete this assessment. The assessment also helps the teacher to know what areas the children need improvement and what areas they are excelling in. The context of the assessment helps to teach pre-school students beginning math skills and comprehension.

    The type of task you would use to determine the skill the learners have gained would depend on the age of the student you will be assessing. For example, a young child, say preschool age, could be given an assessment to determine what letters of the alphabet they know, what numbers they know, or if they can count to ten. For an older child, say in third grade, the assessment could be to ...

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    Discusses how to assess if a group of preschoolers have gained a specific knowledge or skill and how to form an assessment plan to assess this skills.