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    Effectively writing literature reviews

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    Please explain how to write an effective literature review .

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    A literature review is a synthesis of the literature on a topic.

    A synthesis of literature is where varied and diverse ideas are combined into one coherent, original document.

    When you are beginning a literature review, make sure that you have a clear understanding of what your professor wants. What style is he/she requiring? What topics should you choose from? What journals does he/she recommend? What are the goals for writing this review?

    To write an effective literature review, you should choose literature which is written by experts from reputable sources (i.e. universities, research facilities, etc.) It is best to look in education or psychological journals which are peer reviewed. When an article is subject to a peer review, this means that several experts in that field have read the material, checked the sources, and decided that the content is valid.

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