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Effects of Accountability

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What effect, if any, has the move toward increased accountability had on schools, hospitals, and businesses? Provide examples to illustrate your view.

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In general, the move toward increased accountability has been perceived as having positive effects in terms of instruction, curriculum and evaluation or assessment practices. However, schools and districts have reported that it has somewhat contributed to a lowering of teacher morale. Few principals have stated that the state accountability thrust has given a huge positive impact on the whole school because the concentration is now on the student outcomes which in turn, shifts focus to instruction which in the past hasn't been addressed very well. Other school supervisors and principals have made statements that the positive expectation of being held accountable or the effect of "we know we can do better," has greatly contributed to the positive response to the ...

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This solution explains accountability - its effects on schools, hospitals and businesses/health providers, with examples/situations that illustrate them.

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