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    Improving Annual Yearly Progress

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    What recommendation would you make as a school principal for the school if it was placed on the No Child Left Behind watch list for not meeting AYP for two consecutive years to improve student performance and achievement in core subject areas.

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    As a school principal there are a variety of different approaches that can be put together to make up a plan for the school to increase students annual yearly progress. You need to make sure you are very familiar with the parents and families the school serves. This is important as you may be in need of asking for parent volunteers to help in the classroom. This is not an issues the principal should tackle on their own. This should be brought to the school improvement team. The team can work together to brainstorm ideas and start to formulate a plan. A plan to improve overall student achievement should include a combination of interventions such as; student identification and data collection, after school programs, and reading, math, and writing interventions.

    Data is one of the most important ways to improve student progress in core subject areas. Implementing programs and interventions does no good if you are not collecting and analyzing the data to determine if the interventions are effective. If the school hasn't already, they need to use state, district and progress monitoring data to identify the students who are performing below grade level in reading, math, and ...

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    This response outlines a variety of strategies the principal of a school can improve students annual yearly progress.