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Human Resource: design a compensation package, incentive and benefits plan

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Recruiting an Electrical engineer with five years experience who is located in Texas.
Wanting to employee this person for an electrical engineer job in Chicago, IL.

Design a compensation package, an incentive plan, and a benefits plan.

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The solution presents an excellent plan with details of all the types of benefits available to a prospective employee. Particular attention is paid to performance based awards.

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The compensation package for the Electrical engineer with five years experience who is located in Texas but now is being offered an electrical engineering job in Chicago, IL is that he would get a base annual salary of $65,000.

In addition, he would get a relocation allowance of $15,000. The other benefits in accordance to the rules of the company include.
· Annual Leave
· Medical Leave
· Hospitalisation Leave
· Maternity Leave
· Marriage Leave
· Paternity Leave
· Child Sick Leave
· Compassionate Leave
· Time-off to sit for Exam
· Maternity Expenses
· Marriage Gift
· Newborn Gift
· Medical Check-up Subsidy
· Health Screening Subsidy
· Housing/Renovation/Vehicle Loans
· Long Service Gift
· Dependant Benefits

As ...

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