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    Islam, the Americas, and Spiritual Reformation

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    Topic A: Islamic Empires
    The Islamic Empires are often referred to as the "Gunpowder" Empires. After watching The Ottomans, explain what new military techniques and weapons these empires used as well as the role of the Janissaries.

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    Topic A: Islamic Empires
    Islamic Empires referred to as the "Gunpowder" Empires and new military techniques and weapons these empires used.

    There were three Islamic Empires commonly referred to as "Gunpowder" Empires including the Mughals who ruled mostly non-Muslim peoples, the Safavids mostly Muslims, and the Ottomans who ruled a mixture of Muslims and Christians. The Safavids were Shi'a Muslims while the Ottomans and the Mughals were Sunni. The impetus for discussing these empires is predicated upon the power these empires possessed because of ...

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    This solution of 342 words looks at the Islamic Empires who were often referred to as the "Gunpowder" Empires and highlights the new military techniques the empire used and the role of the Janissaries as slaves.