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    Accommodating a Student with Hearing Impairment

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    Propose appropriate accommodations for a student with a hearing impairment. Your plan must include the following:

    Identify at least five common characteristics of a student with your chosen disability.
    Determine at least five student needs, given the nature of the disability. Identify at least five accommodations to be used to support this student's progress and provide a rationale for each accommodation granted.

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    Dear Student,

    I see this if your first time working with us. Welcome to BrainMasS! Before I get to helping you I must remind you (as I remind all students) that we are not a homework delivery service. We are a one-on-one tutoring service with the convenience of online communication to help our students in the best way possible.

    Having said that, I selected your posting because I am familiar with the policies of SPED, accommodations, and writing long papers, as I see you have been assigned.

    Since you have posted the assignment (I didn't see any personal questions attached to it), I will do my best to walk through this assignment step by step with you. If you have any questions later we can always message each other back and forth until your Nov. 30th deadline. I can even revise what rough drafts you write as we work through this assignment.

    The first thing that catches my eye about this assignment is the length. This is a fairly simple prompt to answer, but we must make it stretch 8-10 pages. I suggest that this include -at least- a 1-2 page introduction to the topic. This can be a history of SPED, the importance of accommodations, etc.

    Getting into the main assignment you have quite a few things to answer and they all can be broken up into a number of pages. For example:

    "Identify at least five common characteristics of a student with your chosen disability." This can be a few pages because you have to list so many characteristics. A good way to make this longer is to add examples of what you MIGHT see in a student. State the characteristic and then (if your instructor doesn't mind) add a little narrative about what might be seen in the classroom from the teachers perspective and/or the student's perspective.

    I notice you are a level four student. That makes me ...

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