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    Adult Education and Training

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    1.) In addition to skills training, how important is it for employees to feel that their voices and non-formal knowledge matter when organizations strategize for longevity and progress?

    2.) Do you think it is more effective and prudent to develop systems and programs for standard employee and organizational development?

    3.) How important is it for people to be attuned to their peak performance/energy periods, and should managers being aware of this when assigning and evaluating duties?

    4.) Should managers require mandatory breaks and vacations?

    5.) Should HR managers and departmental supervisors include wellness training in their orientations and staff meetings?

    6.) What percentages of promotions occur in relation to the total number of employees trained in the career progression program?

    7.) Based on one's experiences of what is required for perpetual growth and success, what three tenets would you recommend to trainees who are approaching crossroads decisions?

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    1.) I think that it is very important for an employee to feel that their voice, and their knowledge, is heard in terms of an organization's progress. Employees want to feel like their thoughts and ideas are heard and appreciated. This allows them to feel as though they are growing with the company and that they helped to establish the success of the company. Allowing an employee to speak and voice their opinions provides them a sense of security and empowerment that is necessary to retain employees in their positions for an extended period of time. This would also reduce turnover and having a sense of lack of achievement by the employee.

    2.) I definitely think it is more effective and prudent to develop systems and programs for standard employees. Having a standard and set system and program for employees to adhere to is essential to maintain organizational development. Organizations can only thrive if they have set systems in place that are effective. Furthermore, these set systems and programs will provide a structure for employees that will boost their knowledge in the organization, which can only ensure more success and will make the employees feel more secure in the organizational development of the organization.

    3.) It would be very important for an individual to be aware of their peak performance/energy periods. With this information, the individual should attempt to obtain employment that can coincide with these performance times. If they cannot, then they need to adjust in the workplace, and not expect the workplace to adjust to them. It would be intelligent of these individuals, if they have the opportunity, to perform tasks that they are required to complete in the day, based on these performance levels. If the task requires strenuous activity, do this task during the peak performance time. If the task requires simple things such as making phone ...

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