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    School Bonds

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    What two strategies would you employ to pass a school bond a the local level? Who would be the members of your team and why?

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    School Bonds

    There are numerous strategies available when campaigning to pass a school bond at the local level. Examine the information you have regarding school bonds, including the purpose and impact on taxpayers in a district. Since school bonds must be voted on by the community, and if passed increase property taxes, it is integral to connect with the members of the district that will be impacted. To pass a school bond, a committee must be created. A second important strategy to pass a school bond at the local level would be to develop relationships within the community, through the efforts of the committee, and inform the voting public of the issues related to the bond.

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    School bonds are designed to provide funds for a need in the district. This requires a vote as bonds increase property taxes. There are various effective strategies to improve a bond passing at the local level. A committee is a necessary component to this process. Selecting members and their duties are critical to this approach. 426 words.