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Market structure of the semiconductor industry

Describe the market structure of the semiconductor industry?

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//Before, writing about the market structure of the semiconductor industry, we will first of all understand about the semiconductor industry and its scope. In this part, we will also discuss about the players in this industry. So, firstly we will write about this industry under the heading of Introduction, for example: //

Semi-conductor industry is related to design and manufacturing of semiconductors. Semi-conductor industry is dominated by Japan, USA, South Korea and EU. But the market share of Japan is continuously decreasing. Philips semi -CEO Frans van Houten said that the worldwide semiconductor industry is worth about $213 billion per year and it will be a $260 billion by2009 according to the KPMG report. There are many players in the semi-conductor industry, but the major players of the industry are as follows:-

? Intel

? Applied Materials

? ST Microelectronics

? Texas Instrument

? Taiwan semi-conductor manufacturing company


? Samsung

? NXP etc.

//As per directions, we will discuss about the market structure in order to interpret the demand ...

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