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    Strategic Commitment Example

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    Paper #2
    Competition and idea of strategic commitment into this framework.
    1. Offer an example of a strategic commitment you know of or that you believe would be beneficial to a firm in an industry.

    2. Explain why the commitment is irreversible, understandable and credible and give an indication of the position (tough or soft) it forces the firm into. Your discussion should make it clear why this move would be beneficial to the firm.

    3. Alternatively, your example may be of a strategic move that backfired. In this case, you should similarly describe the actions that constituted the commitment and explain why the commitment failed.

    I expect that these memo can be completed in about two or three pages, but it is the quality rather than the quantity of your work in which I am interested.

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    An example of a strategic commitment I know of that is beneficial to the firm in the industry is the strategic commitment of Apple Inc to innovation, excellence, and quality. The company has benefitted from this commitment by being more transparent and improving research. The benefits include its ability to create innovative products. Apple's commitment to innovation is cultural and not process driven. The successful products at Apple have been created with few people with no formal structure or hierarchy and little supervisor. Apple has shown its strategic commitment to innovation by uses disciplines to turn ideas and fledgling technologies into a company that can continue to innovate for years (1). Apple has shown its strategic commitment by building an effective innovation system to harness creativity, develop new ideas, streamlining the design process, and successfully launch new innovations. It has also shown its commitment through higher inclusion and diversity. It increases the ...

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    The response provides you a structured explanation of strategic commitment in the context of an example . It also gives you the relevant references.