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Better Organized Railroad as an M-Form Than a U-Form

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The solution that a better organized railroad as an m-form than a u-form.

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Chapter 13
Reasons why a large rail road might be better organized as an M-form than a U-form:

U form firms are made up of several departments which have the capability of performing various functions for the firm as a whole for instance servicing functions. Divisions available for an M-firm on the other hand have the capability of carrying out most or all the vital functions of the firm for a specified geographic area or a product in particular. Within a large railroad the utilization of an M-form type of management is considered appropriate unlike within a U form since the available information is not considered to be long lasting therefore a centralized relationship is not required for the purpose of accessing information. Whenever information is considered to have a short life span, and M- form firm is considered to be appropriate since more decisions are going to be left to the divisional managers (Michaels, 2010).

Question 11:

An M form of organization is considered to be more appropriate and efficient way of organizing universities and the schools within compared to a U form. The reason behind this is that within an M form of management, the institution being ...

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