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    Organizational Designs Centralization

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    Discuss how a company could benefit from either centralization or decentralization. Explain your rationale.

    Select a large U-form or M-form organization and describe how it would be different if it switched form (i.e., a U-form organization switching to an M-form, or an M-form organization switching to a U-form).

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    Organizational Designs:

    All the organizations in the global business market have a decision making responsibility that will lead to the general management of the operations of the company. In the centralization organizational design, there are usually few people in the management body of the organization who make the general decisions for the organization. It is hence important to note that in this kind of business, all the significant decisions regarding the operations of the company are made by the top heads of the corporation. In the case where minor functional directives are issued by a leader, they have to be confirmed by the management. Organizations that opt to select this kind of organizational design have the benefit consistently reserving the leadership authorities at a central point for the easier management of the diverse activities of the ...

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    The organizational design centralizations are examined.