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    Benchmarking of Government Agencies

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    An important concept in management is best practices or benchmarking, where an organization systematically compares work processes with those of its competitors or others in an industry. Select one best practice from an organization or industry that you are familiar with, and then whether that best practice can be implemented into the culture of a governmental entity and how it can improve service delivery to its citizens.

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    Benchmarking of Government Agencies:

    A benchmarking practice that has been common in the businesses is the comparison of the use of strategic and operational controls used in an organization with those used in other organizations to highlight areas where the business could improve by finding the best ways of doing business to increase the productivity of a company (Business Link, 2011). The use of strategic and operational controls such as measuring productivity levels, setting growth targets, and reinvesting saving can be implemented into the culture of a government entity.

    Strategic and operational controls can help increased implementation effectiveness among government programs by measuring government and public performance consistently and compare against the set targets for performance improvement in order to understand ...

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    Benchmarking of government agencies is assessed.