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    Microsoft Antitrust Trial with the United States

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    The Microsoft antitrust trial (United States vs. Microsoft) has been one of the biggest investigations of antitrust behavior since the turn of the century. Split your group into two sides: one that supports the government side, and one that support's Microsoft's side. Work (via email, small group discussion board, and small group drop box) with the members of your side of the group to research and present a cohesive argument to the other side. As a group, present your argument in a Word document

    I would like viewpoints from both sides, one that supports the government side, and a view that support's Microsofts's side. I may end up discussing one or the other so i want to be ready. thank you.

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    Microsoft vs. Government

    Microsoft is one of the world's renowned business organizations which operate on computer based technologies. The main business of the company is to develop advanced featured and multitasking computer software. The company is based in the United Sates. As the company is a fast growing business organization, it has a great competition in the current market. The company has faced several controversies since its origin (Microsoft Corporation, 2009).
    Status of the Company
    Though the company has a good corporate culture and fast growth, yet due to some of its business practices and policies, it has been criticized by the Government in its entire history. The reasons of the criticism of the company are its non-competitive business patterns, and anti-competitive business activities. These practices of the company include denial of deal and bonding. For different types of antitrust violations, Microsoft Corporation has been ruled against by the Justice Department of the United States.
    Microsoft has been declared as a monopoly in the recent years by the Government. The company has recently announced that if any of the ...

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