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    The solution to Microsoft antitrust trial

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    GP Unit3 3 paragraphs

    The Microsoft antitrust trial (United States vs. Microsoft) has been one of the biggest investigations of antitrust behavior since the turn of the century. I have chosen to work on Microsoft side and I have to research and present a cohesive argument to the other side.
    My objective is:
    · Discuss the impact of technology on business.
    · Use effective communication techniques.

    Unit 3 IP 2-3 pages
    Industry structure is often measured by computing the Four-Firm Concentration Ratio. Suppose you have an industry with 20 firms and the CR is 30%. How would you describe this industry? Suppose the demand for the product rises and pushes up the price for the good. What long-run adjustments would you expect following this change in demand? What does your adjustment process imply about the CR for the industry? Now consider that the industry has 20 firms but the CR for the industry is 80% instead of 30%. How would you describe this industry? What are some reasons why this industry has a high CR while the other industry had a low CR? Is it possible for smaller firms to thrive and profit in such an industry? How?

    Unit 3DB 2-3 paragraphs
    The organization you work for is under investigation for price fixing. You have been asked by your manager to gather some information on recent price fixing cases to help your company defend itself.
    Visit the website for the U.S. Federal Trade Commission to get the facts on the most recent price fixing cases. Click on the Search icon, and do a search of News Releases using the words "price fixing." Write a 2-3 paragraph description of a recent price-fixing case.

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    //Before writing about the Microsoft antitrust trial, we will write about the case United States vs. Microsoft under the heading of Introduction. Then, we will discuss about the Microsoft antitrust trial. Along with this, we will also converse about the impact of technology on the business and the improvements in the communication techniques. It will assist in understanding the economics in 'Global Business Environment'.//


    The case, United States vs. Microsoft, relates to the series of fused civil actions, which was set forward against the Microsoft Corporation on May 18, by the Department of Justice (United States) (DOJ) and 20 other states from U.S. in 1998. In this case, the Microsoft was accused of hampering monopoly power. But my comments are in the favor of Microsoft.

    Microsoft antitrust trial

    It was the innovation and competition factor which forced the Microsoft to merge the Microsoft Windows with Internet Explorer. This merger helped the consumers a lot as they were getting free benefits from Internet Explorer. Microsoft has always emphasized on fulfilling the needs of users by adapting to the changing technology. Technology has great impact on the business process (Rosenberg, 1998).

    Impact of Technology on Business

    With the help of the technology like Internet, business has become globalize and it can easily move towards the overseas. As a result of this, they are not restricted in their areas of establishment. At present, the Business is deeply tangled with technology. Without facing the issues related to the technology, it is certainly not possible to strive in the business today. Technology has evolved in the form of faster communication via E-commerce and E-business. In E-commerce and E-business, people can buy and sell the product online. This has reduced the time of transaction. Therefore, the decision taken by the Microsoft to integrate the Microsoft Windows with Internet Explorer is correct (The impact of technology, 2006).

    Not only this, technology leads to an improvement in the communication technique. An effective communication technique is capable of driving huge success for the organization. Internet Explorer forms a basic element in the operating system and removal of IE requires removal of files like DLLs, which can hamper the entire operating system. Therefore, it was necessary for Microsoft to integrate Microsoft Windows with Internet Explorer (Rosenberg, 1998).

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    Rosenberg, S. (1998). Nothing must ...

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