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    Microsoft Antitrust Trial - Current Trends in Macro and Microeconomics

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    The Microsoft antitrust trial (United States vs. Microsoft) has been one of the biggest investigations of antitrust behavior since the turn of the century. Split your group into two sides: one that supports the government side, and one that support's Microsoft's side. Work (via email, small group discussion board, and small group drop box) with the members of your side of the group to research and present a cohesive argument to the other side. As a group, present your argument in a Word document.

    Identify current trends in macro and microeconomics.
    Critically examine market structures, consumer behavior, production costs, and international trade.
    Critically analyze the role of government in a market economy.
    Discuss the impact of technology on business.
    Use effective communication techniques.

    I would like to have my side on the government.

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    //Before writing about the behavior of Microsoft, it is essential to gain knowledge about the Microsoft antitrust trial and its foundation. One should know about the main aspects of Microsoft antitrust trial, which further will provide knowledge about the issue of Microsoft antitrust trial//


    The Microsoft antitrust trial was between the United States and Microsoft. This antitrust trial was a set of united civil proceedings which was filed against Microsoft Corporation on May 18, 1998 by the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) and twenty states of the US. The complainants of this department suspected that Microsoft is mistreating the monopoly power in managing its working system sales and web browser sales. The major issue regarding the case by the department of justice was that whether Microsoft is permitted to package its flagship Internet Explorer (IE) web browser software with its Microsoft Windows operating systems or not.

    //Above is the discussion of the Microsoft antitrust trial. Moving to the next direction, explanation about the justification of ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 483 words, with APA references. It first discusses the issue regarding the Microsoft antitrust trial and the justification on this trial from the point of view of the United States government.