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a report on the country of Germany

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Compile a report on the country of Germany including the following financial concepts.

1. Currency (stability)
2. GDP for the last 5 years
3. Population (% of workforce)
4. Social Program (evaluate their government involvement)
5. Markets (such as stock market, bonds, security instruments, etc.)
6. Government (type and structure of government)
7. Economy (explain economic fundamentals)
8. Financial structure
9. Interest rates

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1244 words with references.
Germany is one of the developed countries of the world. The economic success of the country is depending on the government policies and its currency stability. This paper includes the report on stability of German currency, GDP of last five years, population of a country, government involvement in social activities, interest rates and market, economy, government and financial structure of a country.

The success of every country is depending upon the economy of the country. It can be attributed by the government policies, procedures and currency stability. The currency of Germany is known as Deutsch mark, which is assumed, as one of the strongest currency in the world. German currency becomes a symbol of economic stability and now it has also emerged, as a second largest component of monetary reserves after the US dollar. Now EURO is treated, as a German currency. It was introduced in 2002 and assured that people can exchange Deutsch Mark for EURO (Posen, 2011). After the Euro-Zone crisis, the position of a currency is coming down. Experts are making various efforts to make it stable. To provide help to euro zone members, German officials are providing them new funds under strict rules regulations. Euro has unlimited refinancing capability that makes the growth of Europe and their invested fund stable. The single currency of Europe plays a vital role for German stability (Watts, 2010).

GDP for last 5 years

Germany is one of the lowest unemployment rates among the other developed countries. It has higher saving rates and lower consumer debt, which is probably treated, as an optimal level of current growth rate of a country. Germany placed at 4th rank according to the list issued by international monetary fund in terms of their GDP (The World Bank, 2012). The 5 years GDP of Germany is 3.7 %, which states that Germany is far immune to the economic slowdown, as compared to other economies of euro zone (Depth dynamics, 2011).

Population of Germany in terms of their workforce

First time the Population of Germany increased in 2011 over the history of past eight years. Because of the low immigration and low birth rate, the population of Germany has decreased in past. The slump of Germany's population is the biggest problem for them because it leads to shrink the ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1244 words with references.

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