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    Global Strategic Management

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    While at lunch, you and the company's chief financial officer (CFO) begin to discuss opportunities to expand in the U.S. Discuss the opportunities to expand in the U.S., what it would take, and the potential hurdles the firm would have to overcome. Be sure to identify specific retail companies that could potentially sell CPI's products, the markets that would be attractive, and some of the financial and economic considerations.

    What do you think it would it take to expand CPI? What would it take for CPI to manufacture more product and increase profits? For example, change advertising and marketing tactics? Develop and manufacture different products? Take into account the fact that these expansion efforts will cost money.

    What markets and retailers should CPI target to increase sales? Keep in mind there are differences in the consumers targeted by different retailers, which retailers will best target CPI's customers?

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    // Consumer Products Inc. is a U.S. Regional Consumer Products Company that is located in Phoenix, Arizona. The company is known to be at a renowned position. Before starting a paper like this; it is crucial to focus upon attaining the company's overview, along with the various opportunities that can lead to smooth operations. It also requires identifying the retail companies that prove to be efficient in terms of attracting the market and execute according to the economic and the financial considerations.//

    The firm Consumer Products Inc. is a U.S. based regional consumer Products Company that is based in Phoenix, Arizona. The firm is engaged in manufacturing and distributing the small line of the consumer products to the retailers in the areas of the western cities that include Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland and Phoenix. The organization holds a good corporate image and is the manufacturer of the elite business goods. The company's brands are preferred and liked by the customers. But amongst them, the most favorite is the Shades of Youth, a hair care line that is really doing well as compared to the other products.

    The paper needs to discuss the area of opportunity that would lead to enlarge business in the U.S. The firm needs to explore the remaining areas in which, it can register its presence and can go for sprouting up the profits. In order to investigate the opportunities in U.S., the company needs to be thorough with the concepts and ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 992 words with references.