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Economics Paper Analysis

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Read paper in the attachment, carefully assess the empirical work by the authors and try to figure out what they could have done better by commenting on the following 3 questions:

1) What are the authors trying to find out?
2) What do they do right?
3) What do they do wrong?

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What the authors are trying to find out:

The authors are tying to find out if there are differences in earnings between ethnic minorities and whites in Canada. In this context the authors are trying to ascertain if these earning differences are more pronounced in case of highly paid workers and low paid workers. They use the term glass ceiling for those workers that are in the highly paid category and face discrimination and they use the term sticky bottom for those workers that are in the low paid category and are not able to rise above the low paid category. These authors are also trying to figure out which category of racial workers face greater differences. For example, they have used categories ...

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