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State rejection of federal assistance to uphold beliefs

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There is no Constitutional requirement that individual states must accept monies offered by the federal government to support needs affecting their citizens. However, given the challenging budgetary and fiscal realities that most states face today, the acceptance of federal aid is something that is a given, and is rarely turned away. Do you believe that states have a responsibility to turn away federal funding when conditions attached are fundamentally at odds with the beliefs of a majority of members of a given state legislature? Should states increase taxes and increase user fees (among other revenue generators) to compensate for funds declined from Washington? Do states fundamentally lose integrity when they accept money for projects, programs, and processes with conditions attached with which they fundamentally disagree?

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The Power to Say No

While it is true that there exists no constitutional requirement in which individual states must accept financial support offered by the federal government so as to support the needs affecting their citizens, the aspect of being at odds with the majority of members of a given state legislature and subsequently turning away such monies is questionable and I believe that the interest of the citizens ought to be a ...

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The expert states rejection of federal assistance to uphold beliefs.

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